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In addition to the Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature published by the University of Notre Dame Press, the Devers Program has entered into collaborations with other universities and research institutes to publish scholarly resources for Italian studies on the Internet. The first such collaborative project was Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629), an online version of a rare book exhibit presented by the University of Notre Dame in conjunction with The Newberry Library with the technical assistance of the ARTFL project at the University of Chicago. Mounted in September 1994, it was one of the first exhibits of its kind available on the Internet and it continues to attract many visitors from around the world.

Sail and yard device derived from the façade of the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy.The Devers Program and ARTFL subsequently teamed together with the Centro di studi Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, a research center of the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (CNR) in Florence, Italy, and the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Reading, England, to launch ItalNet. In August 1997, ItalNet began alpha testing of an online version of the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano textual database, which will ultimately offer scholars full-text search capabilities of a corpus of more than two thousand pre-1375 vernacular texts.

ItalNet Projects:

  • ItalNet publication of the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI) database of early Italian texts.

  • Inventory-Catalogue of the Drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan — In cooperation with the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy, Professor Robert Randolf Coleman of the University of Notre Dame is producing this inventory-catalogue of the Ambrosiana's collection of some 12,000 drawings by European artists who were active from the fourteenth through nineteenth centuries.

  • International Gramsci Society Homepage and On-line Journal — The IGS website includes a biography and chronology of Antonio Gramsci's life, an archive of photographs, documents, and on-line articles related to his life and work, as well as links to his writings.

  • "Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629)" exhibition — This digital exhibition presents Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy from the John A. Zahm, C.S.C., Dante Collection at the University of Notre Dame, together with selected treasures from The Newberry Library. The exhibit was originally held at the Department of Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Notre Dame, October 15 - December 15, 1993 and the Newberry Library between 15 April - 15 June, 1994.

  • Franco-Italian On-line Archive (FIOLA) — The Franco-Italian On-Line Archive (FIOLA) will be a database of all texts written in mixed French and Italian language from its earliest examples in the twelfth century to the Renaissance. FIOLA begins by presenting two texts: La Guerra di Attila and L'Entrée d'Espagne (and its Suite, commonly known as La Prise de Pamplune). These texts are entirely searchable by word and morphological patterns. Additional texts are currently being edited for inclusion in the textbase, including St. Mark's V13.





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